Saturday, September 21, 2019

Myths about casinos and other stories you should not believe

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http://hikingequipmentsite.comMyths about casinos and other stories you should not believe. There are myths of all kinds, but without a doubt where we can find more is in the world of the game, and more specifically in the casinos. It is “very easy” to invent stories when we talk about chance. We can get to understand that you do not really like finding a black cat at the door of a casino, but everything has a limit. Moreover, we recommend that you go under a ladder, open an umbrella and break a mirror – careful not to cut yourself – just before going to play, maybe that day you win the boat and you convince yourself that some myths and superstitions have little truth. We, like you, we have also raised these strange theories without origin, so we decided to tell you all the myths about casinos that under any of the concepts you should believe. Visit this site for poker indonesia.

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Myths regarding the hot machines

When a slot machine takes a relatively long period of time without giving a pot, it is not uncommon to hear phrases of the type: It has to be ready, I have the machine hot!

We regret to tell you that there are no hot machines. The fact that the jackpot of the slot is a considerable amount does not mean that you are going to win it.

Even though you have been on the same machine all day, you will not have more options than last in the first hour. Do not believe everything you hear.

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Have you heard of cold machines?

In the same way that there are no hot slot machines, there are no cool slot machines either. People refer coldly to the machines that have recently disbursed the boat.

Imagine that you win the pot of a machine and want to continue playing. The fact that you change your machine will not make you have more options to win, forget about these myths.

Obviously, the damn button

The myth says: In a slot, you are more likely to win when you pull a lever than when you press a button.

Do not! It is not true. The odds you have of winning are exactly the same. When you press the button or strips of the lever, after all, what you do is start the same mechanism.

You know, next time you can press the button.

Myths about online casinos

We understand that there is a certain fear to try new things, but that does not mean that they have to be dangerous. When the online casinos were created, a myth was born about the insecurity of these and their payment methods.

In addition to being completely false, this myth is contradictory. Online casinos are probably much safer than traditional ones since, in order to be launched, they must comply with strict rules in accordance with current legislation.