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The ABC of poker: relevant for poker lovers

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http://hikingequipmentsite.comThe ABC of poker: relevant for poker lovers. If you have decided to play poker and want to learn the essential terms that every good player must know, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to dive into the basics of this popular casino game. Click here for daftar poker.

The basic terms of this game

Dealer: The position obtained by the player who deals the cards within the table.

Small blind: It is the mandatory bet that must be made by the player who is sitting to the left of the dealer. Indicates the position that player occupies at the table. The small blind is the minimum bet of the table. Visit this site for daftar poker.

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Big blind: It is the mandatory bet that must be made by the player who is seated two positions to the left of the dealer. Like the small one, the big blind indicates the position that player occupies at the table and is also worth twice as much as the small one.

Flop: It is the set of the first three common cards. These are discovered at the same time.

Turn: It is the fourth community card that is discovered at the table.

River: It is the fifth and last common letter that is discovered.

Pot (Pot): Equivalent to the set of chips placed on the table.

All-in (Subtract): A player goes all-in when he puts all the remaining chips in the pot. If the bets continue after the player has moved all-in, a separate pot will be created where the player will not be present.

Pass (Check): It is the moment in which you have the turn and decide not to bet, but neither do you withdraw. It is possible to pass only if no player has decided to bet before you speak.

Fold: You fold when you choose not to play a hand because you do not have a good play.

Chipleader: He is the player who has more chips of the table.

Commission (Rake): It is the amount of money with which the casino stays for each pot that is played.

Family Pot: This is the name of the moment when most players decide to go to see the next card on the flop.

Fish (Fish): This word is used to name a low-level player

Bad Beat or Suck-out: A moment in which a player loses all his chips against an opponent in a totally unexpected way.

Tilt: Play in an irrational and aggressive way.

Go (Call): When a player says “I go” it means that he is matching the bets of the other players at the table.

The types of plays

Highest card (High card)

It is the worst poker game. When you do not have any of those that we tell you next, this is the only option that we have left. If you only have a high card, it is best to have at least one Ace.

The Couple (One pair)

Play with two cards of the same value. The highest pair will always win, and in the event of a tie, the next highest card.

Full House or Full

Play in which the cards are a trio and a pair, that is, three cards of one value and two of another.

Poker or Four of a kind

Play in which 4 of the 5 cards have the same value. Despite being the play that gives the name to the game, it is not the best.